Services | Medico-legal Reports

A medico-legal report is often needed in legal situations: it is a detailed report that can assist with compensation claims and disputes, family law, or criminal matters. Medico-legal reports for solicitors can address specific areas/questions that the solicitor may have regarding their client’s condition. It generally involves a face-to-face interview, administering, scoring and interpreting specific psychometric questionnaires followed by a comprehensive report.  Donna has prepared forensic reports for private and Legal Aid solicitors, Insurance Companies, Department of Juvenile Justice and Department of Community Services relating to care and protection matters.

Criminal Assessment Reports

These reports include:

  • Comprehensive background information to identify factors relevant to offending or functioning level.
  • Psychometric testing – personality, anger, trauma, IQ, and mental health as appropriate.
  • Clear, scientifically-based conclusions and practical recommendations.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Pre-Sentence Court Report?

  • The report essentially explains the psychological reason for offending to the judge. It also tells your side of the story to the judge in a skilful manner.
  • The criminal justice system is interested in rehabilitation. The report will make an assessment of your chances of being rehabilitated and explain to the judge what rehabilitation efforts (e.g., seeing a psychologist) you have already engaged in? The judge will become aware of your mitigating circumstances that are not criminally based but rather a result of mental health or psychological history.

Personal Injury Reports

Donna provides thorough assessments of injured claimants.  Assessments include detailed interviews of respondents and other relevant parties, psychometric evaluation, opinion as to the impact of the injury, DSM-5 diagnosis, and practical therapeutic recommendations. 

What Does the Process Entail?

Either you or your lawyer will make an appointment for a 120-minute interview with Donna. You will then be sent a number of questionnaires to complete and return at your interview.

  • During the assessment, a number of questions will be asked of you about your current offending or functioning behaviour. A number of psychological tests will also be administered (e.g., personality, IQ, anger scales).
  • After the interview is completed, Donna will score your testing and compile your report which will then be given to your solicitor to present to the judge to decide on the outcome.

“Scars are not injuries… A scar is a healing. After injury, a scar is what makes you whole.” ― China Miéville