Services | Medico-legal Reports

A medico-legal report is often needed in legal situations: it is a detailed report that can assist with compensation claims and disputes, family law, or criminal matters. Medico-legal reports for solicitors can address specific areas/questions that the solicitor may have regarding their client’s condition. It generally involves a face-to-face interview, administering, scoring and interpreting specific psychometric questionnaires followed by a comprehensive report.  Donna has prepared forensic reports for private and Legal Aid solicitors, Insurance Companies, Department of Juvenile Justice and Department of Community Services relating to care and protection matters.

Criminal Assessment Reports

These reports include:

  • Comprehensive background information to identify factors relevant to offending or functioning level.
  • Psychometric testing – personality, anger, trauma, IQ, and mental health as appropriate.
  • Clear, scientifically-based conclusions and practical recommendations.